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Professional Networking Event

This event provides an opportunity for leading corporations in our home state to connect with each other. It involves panel discussions where representatives from organizations are teamed up into groups. The representatives talk about their workplace, and DE&I experience. It offers an opportunity for listeners to learn about different work cultures.

Hosted by Eli Lilly
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Corporate Cricket Tournament

This one-of-a-kind cricket tournament is a day-long, round-robin, family-friendly, experience that we offer to the Indianapolis community. The idea behind this event is to promote diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace and to bring people from different organizations together for a fun day spent playing cricket.

About Cric Indy

An Innovative Initiative

Cric Indy began with an initiative to promote culture and diversity in the workplace after realizing the importance and need for creating a fresh community for all corporate sports enthusiasts. This vision has since evolved into both a way to connect beyond the daily grind and a real platform to discuss how we can work together as a corporate community to create solutions for challenges facing true Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We greatly value the support and involvement of all our participants, sponsors, vendors and advisory board members to elevate this community to build a happy and healthy lifestyle within the corporate world, and champion corporate diversity, equity and inclusion to the next level.

Cric Indy
“We will always value the participation and involvement of local companies, sponsors, vendors and all the people around us who can help elevate our community to build a happy and healthy lifestyle at home and in the workplace, while promoting cricket to the next level.”

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